Part 4 – Waiting for Daddy Rose’s Story page 12-13

This week we’re looking at the sign for:

  • Talking on the phone
  • I love love
  • I’m really good at
  • Grandma visits
  • talking and talking
  • we go to the park

I think my favourite sign this week is “I’m really good at” because you have to show the face like you mean it. In fact you should be using genuine expressions with your signing. It may feel a little animated at first. It will make you a better story teller and communicator.

Waiting for Daddy – Part 4 page 12-13

With KWS (Key Word Signing), it’s up to the teacher or parent to work out what at the important key words for your students to learn. You might only focus on one word at a time. Repetition is crucial for sign language. This week for example, you may want to focus on grandmother/grandma/nanny (it’s the same sign).

As you get familiar with the story you can add more signs. We’ve included as many as possible so that you have variety and not so that you feel you have to learn them all for story telling.

Finally, a reminder that KWS uses Auslan signs to tell support this story telling the way it’s written. Auslan (language of the deaf community) is a beautiful language with it’s own unique linguistic grammar and structure. If you’re going to learn sign language, then do consider Auslan in your state. It’s a wonderful experience to learn with a deaf teacher too.


Cheers Massiel


Massiel Barros-Torning
I studied signed English, and then moved onto Auslan in my 20s. Last year was inspired by the amount of early childhood teachers attending a refresher course in our community for Auslan run by a local Deaf Teacher. I’m a teacher and facilitator involved in ICT Education, as well as areas involving music, language, Spanish, HSIE (society and culture). Some days I feel like the grown-up version of my inner child. Because I enjoy learning through play. And as a lifelong learner I hope to play for a very long time.

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