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Gathering voices and experiences of Australian military families: Developing family support resources. This paper explores four themes within Marg’s original PhD research (family transitions, family mobility, and risk and protective factors), and how these narratives (along with others we collected from stakeholders) were used to co-create research-based resources. You can view a visual summary here.

Strengthening and supporting parent-child relationships through digital technology: Benefits and challenges. This paper explores how families use social media and digital communication technology in Defence families when a parent is away from the family home.

Parental Perceptions of Social and Emotional Wellbeing of Young Children from Australian Military Families. This paper also explores the knowledge, competence, confidence and resources of partners to support their children in Defence and Veteran families.

Stakeholder engagement with funding bodies, steering committees and surveys:
Benefits for education projects explores the benefits and challenges of stakeholder engagement in a community education project

Empathy and narrative: A discussion of contemporary stories from education and health explores how educators respond to military families and children’s stories.

International programs and resources to support children from military families: A review provides an overview of programs for children and parents in military families around the world.

Want To Know How To Get Funding For Your Project? We Worked With Stakeholders. Here’s What We Discovered provides an analysis of the way we have worked with stakeholders in this project.

Archetype Profiles of Military Spouses in Australia – Identifying Perfect Partners and Mean Girls provides insight into military spouses from the ideal to the reality

Stakeholder engagement in an online community education project via diverse media engagements discusses the benefits of stakeholder engagement and how it can be achieved

Educator identity in a neoliberal context: recognising and supporting early childhood education and care educators exploring some of the skills and knowledge educators need to effectively support children and parents from defence families.

Researching with very young children: Accessing their voice with the Mosaic approach methodology from Australian Defence Force families

Children’s agency: Developing a digital app to voice family narratives.The creation of ‘Rose’s story‘ as a Non-Traditional Research Output

Using the media arts to digitally support young children’s family and cultural narratives

Recommendations from the findings on young children from Australian Defence Force (ADF) families: A report for policy makers, family and social workers, and educators

Young children’s understanding and experiences of parental deployment within an Australian Defence Force family.

Protective factors in families: Themes from a socio-ecological study of Australian Defence Force families experiencing parental deployment

Narrative, Acculturation and Ritual: Themes from a Socio-ecological Study of Australian Defence Force Families Experiencing Parental Deployment

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