Competition rules


Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash   Photo by Eric Prouzet on Unsplash
  • Entry is open to anyone until 20th October 2020. Anyone living in Australia or any Australian living overseas is welcome to apply.
  • Work needs to be original and not a copy or an interpretation of other people’s work. This means adults cannot draw a picture for children to colour or paint. If a child tells you something about the artwork, please include this in your email, but not on the actual artwork itself.  
  • Artwork cannot include pictures of real people’s recognisable faces e.g. you cannot create a collage using photographs of people’s faces from a magazine. You can, however, draw a picture of a fictitious person or a person whose face cannot be recognised because of the angle of the drawing.  If you create a costume, please take the photo so that the full face cannot be seen, or use a theatrical mask or hat so that the person is not recognisable.
  • Each entry needs to be emailed to and: a) have the completed entry form within the email, and b) only one picture file attached. e.g..jpeg, .png, .pdf. Save your file with your name, age and competition category like this: LucySmith7yearsCat2 or GregTyeAdultCat5. Artwork can be scanned or photographed, but please use resolution images of up to 10MB each because they need to be emailed. Please check your ISP limit for email attachments in case the files need to be smaller. Please keep a copy of higher resolution images in case we need them. 
  • You can enter as many times as you like, but each entry must be emailed separately with the entry form information within the email and the picture attached. You can enter more than once for each category or entering up to two different categories.
  • All entries will become the property of the project research team and may, or may not be used in free online eBooks, media releases, web pages, publications, presentations etc. The artist’s first name and age (if it is a child) will be used as a caption to acknowledge the artist.  
  • Only entries that win a category will be contacted via email. Winners will be announced during Children’s Week on 1st November 2020. Winners will be listed on the website using first and last names and ages e.g. Sam Tye (Aged 4), Hanna Smith (Adult).
  • Judges decisions are final and will not be open for debate.
  • The total available prize money is $250 AUD, but only $50AUD in each category. Group entries still only receive $50AUD, but small groups can request vouchers of different values e.g. 2 x $25AUD voucher when it is appropriate.