Control trials

Our control trials will occur in 2021 and 2022.

Why have control trials?

These will help us to:

  1. measure the effectiveness of the resources
  2. adapt the resources from the feedback

It helps us to see clearly if our research-based resources are meeting the needs of educators, family workers and parents.

Photo by Meg Jerrard on Unsplash 

Who will be involved in the trials?

We will be asking parents, early childhood educators and family workers to be involved.

How will they work?

Some participants will be allowed access to the resources to trial. They will do a survey before they have access and after they have had access.

Other participants will not have access for 6 months. They will still do the before and after survey (even though they don’t have access to the resources), then after 6 months they will get access and complete another lot of before and after surveys.

Then, we compare the data.

Can I be involved?

If you want to know more about the controls or be involved, please email

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