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About this book

‘What do you do when you miss your parent? Rachael’s Story’ is a sister book to ‘Where is work? Harry’s Story’. Harry’s twin sister, Rachael, follows the families in Harry’s book. She looks at how the children in the family feel when their parents work away.

Rachael also explores ways the children cope and keep themselves busy. She looks at how the children communicate with their parent is away and how they keep the relationship fresh, despite the distances involved.

The book has been illustrated by Tanya Cooper, whose work is unique.

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You can download these free resources:

  1. eBook: (***see note below) What do you do when you miss your parents? Rachael’s Story
  2. Educational Activities (Rachael’s) educational activities (including puzzles, puppets, matching games, card games, board games, sight words, sequencing and storytelling activities)
  3. audio read-along version
  4. audio read-along version (alternate version – see below)


  5. Commercially printed book All eBooks, interactive eBooks, downloadable (printable) versions of the book and teaching materials are free due to our wonderful funders. You can also order (and pay for) commercial, professionally printed books. Click here to order. 
  6. eBook platform: Click here

***This book features many different families that reflect the diverse nature of families in Australia today. e.g. modern nuclear, single parent, multi-racial, blended and same-sex parent families. We realise that having the latter families in the book may mean it would not be used in some settings, such as faith-based educational settings or services. To ensure all children have access to this book, we have an alternate version available here: What do you do when you miss your parents? Rachael’s story (alternate version). The alternate version is also be available in print if you email ecdefenceprograms@une.edu.au


We have tried to capture the diversity of Australian families. You can find out more about the diversity in the books by downloading this guide. Diversity in ECDP storybooks

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Why are these resources free?

We have received funding from generous organisations that recognise the needs of young children who experience a parent working away. They also recognise the need to build community capacity to develop empathy and build capacity to support these families.

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