eBook to explore different types of working away

‘Where is Work? Harry’s Story’ is a book that examines the different types of work parents engage in when they work away (or work very long hours). It includes families where parents work away in the:

  • mining sector
  • natural gas sector
  • transport industry
  • medical field
  • primary industries sector
  • defence forces
  • tourism sector, and
  • emergency services.

‘Where is work? Harry’s Story shows children that work means different things for different families and that each family finds unique ways to feel comforted and connected during this time apart. It’s an important message for children with a parent working away’.

The illustrations are by Tanya Cooper who is an Armidale based graphic artist.


The book will be illustrated by Tanya Cooper whose work is fun and fresh.

The book will be available as a downloadable and printable PDF as part of the programs.

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