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About this series of books

These 3 books explore parents working away in a more general way. That is, they do not focus on military families. They were written from her research data and experience teaching many children who experience parents:

  • working away in mining, oil and gas, transport, emergency services, health, and tourism, or
  • parents who are very busy at certain times of the year, such as during harvest time on a farm.

The books explore ways to support children to understand what their parent does when they work away, and how they feel about their parent’s absence. The books also explore ways to cope and build resilience.

They are suitable for all children, whether they have a parent working away or not. The book is also designed to increase peer empathy and understanding of what other children experience in their families.

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My Colourful Kite: Nick’s Story

You can download these free resources:

  1. eBook: My Colourful Kite. Nicks Story
  2. Accompanying Educational Activities educational activities (including puzzles, puppets, matching games, card games, board games, sight words, sequencing and storytelling activities)
  3. Audio read-along version
  4. Another audio read-along version
  5. Commercially printed book All eBooks, interactive eBooks, downloadable (printable) versions of the book and teaching materials are free due to our wonderful funders. You can also order (and pay for) commercial, professionally printed books: Click Here to order
  6. eBook platform: Click here

About ‘My Colourful Kite: Nick’s Story’

This book, ‘My Colourful Kite: Nick’s Story’ focuses on separation anxieties children can sometimes have when parents go away for work or training. In this book, Nick’s mother has to go away for a long training session, so he spends some time with her before she goes. They make a kite together. Nick tells the story of his struggles as he waits for his mother to return.

Illustrator Tanya Cooper added her magical touch to the book.

The book explores clinginess as a social response in children.


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Why are these resources free?

We have received funding from generous organisations that recognise the needs of young children who experience a parent working away. They also recognise the need to build community capacity to develop empathy and build capacity to support these families.

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