General eBooks about parents working away

Marg has written a series of 3 books that explore parents working away in a more general way. That is, they do not focus on military families. They were written from her research data and experience teaching many children who experience parents:

  • working away in mining, oil and gas, transport, legal work and other professions, or
  • parents who are very busy at certain times of the year, such as during harvest time on a farm.

The reason she wrote the books was to help children from military families realise they are not alone and that other families have similar experiences and challenges. The books explore ways to help children cope with these difficulties.

Initially, the three books were not going to be part of this project. However, due to the pandemic, we are no longer travelling to different sites to trial the programs for evaluation. All trials will now be done online. So, our major funder, The Ian Potter Foundation, has allowed us to develop more books so parents, educators and family workers have more free resources to use.

This book, ‘My Colourful Kite: Nick’s Story’ focuses on separation anxieties children can sometimes have when parents go away for work or training. In this book, Nick’s mother has to go away for a long training session, so he spends some time with her before she goes making a kite. Nick tells the story of his struggles as he waits for his mother to return.

We are working with illustrator Tanya Cooper and are looking forward to her magical touch on the book.

The book explores clinginess as a social response in children.

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