Signing: Waiting for Daddy

Part one – Waiting For Daddy

Excited to be sharing the first part in a series of videos. Rose’s story – Waiting for Daddy – is told in Key Word Sign style. Key Word Sign is used to encourage and support language development in children and adults with communication difficulties.

I’d like to gratefully acknowledge the Deaf community for the use of Auslan signs.

Key word signing uses Auslan signs. Auslan is the native language of the Australian Deaf community (Australian Sign Language).

We decided to share the story as parts so that you can enjoy practicing the different signs with your students and families.

One of the interesting things with sign language is beautifully described functions, features, and helps communicate information clearly in context. For example, airport, airplane, flying is all done in one beautiful movement.

Behind the scenes creating video

I think my favourite sign is envelope and posting. I wonder what your favourite sign is? Please feel free to share and tell us.

And of course, if you have feedback, we’d love to hear from you always.

Cheers, Massiel.

Part 2 – Waiting for daddy

This week we learn new signs in our Key Signing Story. The word for house is different to home. With “house” you outline the structure. I’m using the variation sign for house you’ll find in Signbank.

When asking questions, you can use your face (raising eyebrows). Facial expressions are a huge part of communication in many cultures, but especially in Deaf communities. So encourage one another to use the expressions. Tell the story with your face, body and gestures, movement.

That is why in one scene I’m “asking” with my eyes and not a sign.

Part 2 – Waiting for daddy

Remember, I’m using Key Signing, where the key words are in Auslan (Australian Sign Language). Auslan has its own unique linguistic structure. As we are translating a written “hearing culture” story, this is being told in key words using Auslan key signs, but not in the way they would be used in Deaf conversation.

I’m currently doing a refresher course with an agency called Auslan Consultancy. They are team of Deaf individuals are passionate about sharing their language with you.

If you see a variation, or something that may need adjusting, drop me a line.

Cheers, Massiel

Part 3 Waiting for Daddy

Here is the next part to our story in KWS – Key Word signing

“At other times daddy is a long way away in Australia”. By now you should be comfortable with the sign for Daddy. It is the F sign in Auslan done twice. And we now have a sign for Australia. This is definitely a great sign to learn and get your students learning.

“Sometimes I get scared and sleep in mummy’s bed just in case she gets scared too”

The word “scared” you need to show the emotion. This will be fun to try with your students. Though I had to do it a few times because I crack up laughing, as you might do too (because it’s fun).

Did you know the sign for mummy and mum and mother has two signs? The one in the video is one of the signs. Or you can do the letter “m” twice as can be seen in sign bank.

The suggestion is that you pick one or two signs you want to focus on with your children. The variety of Key Word Signs (using Auslan signs) are given for you to select the ones you like.

So which is your favourite sign this week?


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