Makeover magic – a sneaky peek

Who doesn’t love a makeover?

Now that I am big: Anthony’s story’, written by Marg Rogers, is having a makeover. The original eBook on the Defence Community Organisation website ( will have a new digitised look and be:

  • available as a digitised eBook for download and for printing
  • made into an interactive eBook with educational games and activities
  • have an audio and video recording of the book being read
  • have an Auslan Keyword Signing video reading and accompanying lessons of the book (so children, parents and educators can learn the Keyword signs that is important for those with hearing impairment, disability and language delays).

You can look at the list of our planned eBooks here along with their targeted agegroups.

The 3 adorable Defence Dogs will tell the story. These characters, designed by Trish Donald, tell the story and promote emotional understanding and resilience.

The story explores some of the strategies Anthony uses to help him when he is missing his father. He also explains how he helps his mother and sister as they are missing his father too. ‘Now that I am big’ looks at some of the emotional responses children have to a parent working away, including the way they push away from the parent in order to protect themselves. Here is a sneaky peek at the new look eBook:

Waiting for Daddy: Rose’s Story

The much-loved ‘Waiting for Daddy: Rose’s Story‘ is currently available on the Defence Community Organisation website as a static PDF for free download ( Rose’s Story is also an app available for free download, but only for iPads through the Apple Store: In this project, we are updating the PDF to make a new digital static eBook with new artwork and a digital interactive version available for all computers, tablets and iPads to make it more accessible. Here is Raph Roberts working on the interactive version of the eBook.

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