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We will keep adding media releases here. Please click on the links to see our stories:

News media: 

EduResearch Matters Blog: Early childhood help for children of deployed military personnel 

The Conversation: How to support children whose parent works away for long periods

Radio interviews: 

TuneFM Radio blog and interview with Marg Rogers 17.12.19: Helping young children cope with extended parental absences

ABC New England North West Radio interview 28.11.18 about the digital app ‘Rose’s story‘ (available for free download for iPads)


ABC Life Matters interview with Marg Baber (Rogers) and Kim Porter 23.4.15: Talking to your children about war ‘Liam’s story: So why do I wear Dad’s Medals’ (This interview [starting at 4.37] was recorded before the start of this project, however, this resource will be used in the programs).

Online and social media news articles: 

School of Education Facebook page: ‘Auslan Anzac Day Ode

School of Education Facebook page: ‘We were still young parents grasping at straws’

These 3 articles are the same but published through different media outlets.

The Sector: UNE Early childhood researcher creates resources to support with pain of deployment

Defence Connect: University of New England to help military families cope with deployment stress

UNE Pulse: Learning the ABC of deployment and training