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Central Queensland University News: New book to help Defence families talk through ‘moral injuries’ . This article focuses on our team’s military sociologist, Amy Johnson. She discusses her role in the creation of our resources to support children whose parents have a moral injury.

The Sector: New resources to support children living under the cloud of moral injury by Hannah Collett and Freya Lucas. This article explores the research-based resources we are creating for children whose parents have a moral injury.

ABC New England North West Breakfast Radio with Kristy Reading. This interview explores what moral injury is, how it impacts children when their parent has a moral injury and how we are writing and evaluating a storybook to support these vulnerable families.


The Sector The impacts of moral injury on first responder, defence and veteran partners and children This article looks at some of the challenges these families encounter and the types of supports available and being created to better support them.

The Partyline Supporting children from first responder families This article describes the challenges these families face and the support available.

The Sector Teaching ‘remembring’ on Remembrance Day This article explores how educators and parents can teach children about commemorations and the act of remembering as individuals, groups and community.

The Sector The impacts of moral injury on First Responder, Defence and Veteran partners and children This story describes our newest project about supporting children whose parent has a moral injury.

The Sector ‘Unlocking mental health supports for children and families‘ This story outlines how we co-designed and co-created our personalised programs for children from feedback.

Military Life Episode 152 with Beck Raynor. This podcast explores where the Children’s Family Resilience Program project is up to and our plans moving forward.

ABC Radio Sydney ‘Afternoons’ with Josh Szeps conducting a radio interview with Dr Marg Rogers and parents and partners who have experienced working away (e.g. FIFO/DIDO, corporate workers, airforce and navy).


ABC Everyday article by Kellie Scott ‘From FIFO to Defence, if you work away, here’s how to support your kids

The Conversation ‘A bigger defence force will affect more military families’ children – their well-being must be protected‘. An article highlighting the ways to increase the wellbeing of children from military families.

Early Childhood Voices 2022 Conference presentation ‘Young children’s experiences of parental deployment within an ADF family: Building research-based resources‘. This presentation explains how we developed research-based resources for the ECDP project to address PhD findings.

Partyline Magazine Support for children when parents work away This article explores how our resources support children who experience parental absence and household transitions.

UNE Blog Innovative storybooks for defence families win a humanities award.  A story about our national award for our free, research-based storybooks.

EduResearch Matters We build submarines and the defence force – now we need to support those families who work in them. This article explores the impact of outdated models of defence partners and children and how this clashes with the modern reality of defence families.

The Sector The ‘invisibility of children’ of veterans needs to stop – let’s support their wellbeing instead. This article explores the Interim Report of the Royal Commission in relation to children.

UNE Blog Where is Work? This story is about the release of 3 storybooks that support children’s understanding of any family whose parents work away e.g. in transport, mining, military, natural resources, tourism.

UNE Blog Close to home – How research-based children’s books will help young minds understand military health issues

UNE Blog The Royal Commission announcement is great, now it’s time to talk about the children

The Sector New resources aim to help children from ADF families understand health challenges

Every Child (Early Childhood Australia practitioner magazine) Thirty years of listening to children: Are we there yet? Volume 26, No. 3 pp. 14-16

The Conversation: Practical tips from parents who work away (Although this resource looks like a firefighting family article, the ideas are from parents who shared what worked for them in defence families)

BroadAgenda blog: ‘Perfect Partners’: The impact of military service on women and families

The Strategist: Defence concerns about TikTok should take ADF families into account

EduResearch Matters Blog: Early childhood help for children of deployed military personnel 

The Conversation: How to support children whose parent works away for long periods

Radio, research and podcast interviews: 

Military Wifelife Podcast Episode 68 Bec Raynor interviews Marg Rogers 8.10.20

UNE HASSE Research Summit video interview with Hannah Collette 9.10.20

How military families use social media for support: Military Wifelife podcast with Dr Amy Johnson

Helping young children cope with extended parental absences TuneFM Radio blog and interview with Marg Rogers 17.12.19

ABC New England North West Radio interview 28.11.18 about the digital app ‘Rose’s story‘ (available for free download for iPads)


ABC Life Matters interview with Marg Baber (Rogers) and Kim Porter 23.4.15: Talking to your children about war ‘Liam’s story: So why do I wear Dad’s Medals’ (This interview [starting at 4.37] was recorded before the start of this project, however, this resource will be used in the programs).

Online and social media news articles

Linking Research to the Practice of Education newsletter: Song verse writing competition (pp. 9-10)

Linking Research to the Practice of Education newsletter: Art and Craft Competition (pp. 7-10)

School of Education Facebook page: ‘Auslan Anzac Day Ode

School of Education Facebook page: ‘We were still young parents grasping at straws’

These 3 articles are the same but published through different media outlets.

The Sector: UNE Early childhood researcher creates resources to support with the pain of deployment

Defence Connect: University of New England to help military families cope with deployment stress

UNE Pulse: Learning the ABC of deployment and training

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