When a parent gives their mental health

‘Nathan’s story’ looks at the changes that occur in his home when his mother returns home with PTS (formerly called PTSD). This book is not for other families.

The story uses graphically designed characters to explain the changes that happen when a parent returns home with mental health problems or develops them at a later stage.

It explores those who are trying to be helpful and those who are able to explain what is happening.

The book examines stigma and the challenges of how to explain the health condition to others.

Nathan learns about the condition and the team effort that is required to support her mother at this challenging time for the family.

Nathan learns about what will stay the same and what will be different and what he can do to adapt to the changes. It’s a bumpy ride!

Thanks to the Foundation of Graduates of Early Childhood Studies, we have been able to create an interactive version of the book. To create interactive activity concepts, Marg Rogers formed a working group with Jo Bird (an early childhood technology expert), Tegan Kanard who is a Legacy 4G Family Support Team Leader, Emily Small (early childhood consultant and inclusion support specialist), knowledgeable Legacy Family Workers from various states, and amazing veteran parents and partners.

Our digital builders at ‘Abstractal’ have brought these ideas to life.

Activities to improve emotional recognition:


Animations to support children’s understanding of challenging family situations:


Animations to understand challenging concepts:

Activities to learn new terminology:


Other similar books

Here is another page showing a similar book called ‘In sickness and in health: Sam’s story’ with an interactive version. Here is another book about service-related physical injuries.

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