New eBooks – a peek

Here is a sneaky peek at one of our new digitised eBooks. Both of these books will be:

  • available as a digitised eBook for download and for printing
  • made into an interactive eBook with educational games and activities
  • have an audio and video recording of the book being read
  • have an Auslan Keyword Signing video reading and accompanying lessons of the book (so children, parents and educators can learn the Keyword signs that is important for those with hearing impairment, disability and language delays).

You can look at the target age groups of all our planned eBooks here.

Mary’s Alphabet Slippery Dip

This book is written by Marg Rogers for the youngest children. It uses 4 lovable characters, designed by Trish Donald, to help guide the readers through the story and helps to teach the children emotional understanding and develop resilience.

The story follows Mary’s adventures as she experiences family life within a military family. This book promotes language learning and understanding of some of the transitions and events in children’s life when they are part of a defence family.

D is for Deployment: Ann Raps it Up

D is for Deployment is written by Marg Rogers for slightly older children and is told with the help of these adorable characters designed by Trish Donald. They build children’s emotional understanding as they react to what is happening in the stories. This assists children to practice their emotions safely as they connect with the story. The story also looks at some of the different things parents do when they are on deployment. The story can be used to spark discussions between parents and children or educators and children to build their knowledge and understanding of deployment.

D is for Deployment works on children’s language and understanding of the transitions that happen in their family when a parent works away on deployment or leave of absence.

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