Printed books

All our award-winning eBooks, interactives and accompanying educational resources are free. Printed copies are available by:

  1. clicking on the Australian War Memorial Shop website, then
  2. typing ‘Marg Rogers’ into the search bar with the green search button (not the magnifying glass search at the top of the page). It will load you 2 pages (12 books in total)

Alternatively, click on the individual links below.

The printed books are royalty-free but cover the cost of printing, postage, handling, and the Australian War Memorial Shop staff. They are printed by the Ascent Group, which employs workers with disabilities.

All books are:

  • A5 size (half an A4 page) spiral bound, and
  • very tough and extremely difficult to tear (half way between a baby’s board book and a paperback children’s book).

For individual links to printed books, please see:

Books about any parents working away

My Colourful Kite: Nick’s Story

Where is Work? Harry’s Story

What do you do when you miss your parents? Rachael’s Story

Books about commemorative days and Australian history

We Remember: Australia’s Story

Books about military family life

T is for Training: Rosie raps it up

Now that I am big: Anthony’s Story

Waiting for daddy: Rose’s Story

D is for deployment: Ann Raps it up

(This book features a different family to T is for Training)

Mary’s Alphabet Slippery Dip

Books about work-related physical and mental health conditions

Oh, by the way, my Mum has PTS: Nathan’s Story

And so, things have been a bit different: Ben’s Story

In sickness and in health: Sam’s Story