Program authors and contributors

The following people are writing the program modules or contributing through editing and suggestions. The page will be added to as more people contribute as the project progresses.

Dr Marg Rogers is a lecturer in early childhood education at the University of New England with research interests in military families, family wellbeing and support, narratives, professionalism and technology in early childhood.

Dr Jo Bird is a lecturer and course coordinator in early childhood education, with research interests in children’s technology-supported learning, play and early childhood leadership.

Jo Bird

Alison Tammen

Alison is an early childhood educator (B Education EC) with 28 years of experience in various roles in early childhood. She is part of a defence family and faced the many challenges during relocations with young children and enjoyed the rewards of being part of a supportive community. She is has a keen interest both professionally and personally to be part of this project as a volunteer.

Dr Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson is a lecturer in journalism and public relations at Central Queensland University. She researches ADF families and social media, with a particular interest in how ADF families use social media to navigate the challenges of Defence life. Amy has lived experience as the partner of a Navy sailor and parent of two young sons.