Resource authors and contributors

The following people are writing the program modules or contributing through editing and suggestions.

Dr Marg Rogers is a lecturer in early childhood education at the University of New England with research interests in military families, family and educator well-being and support, narratives and professionalism in early childhood. Marg is a Research Fellow with the Commonwealth-funded Manna Institute.


Dr Jo Bird is a lecturer and course coordinator in early childhood education, with research interests in children’s technology-supported learning, play and early childhood leadership.

Jo Bird

Dr Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson is a lecturer in journalism and public relations at Central Queensland University. She researches ADF families and social media, with a particular interest in how ADF families use social media to navigate the challenges of Defence life. Amy has lived experience as the partner of a Navy sailor and parent of two young sons.

Dr Ingrid Harrington is a member of the Inclusive Education and Psychology team. Within this team, she specializes in classroom behaviour management, inclusive educational practices and educational psychology.

Ingrid Harrington

Dr Vanessa Bible (Research assistant/project officer)

Dr Vanessa Bible is a casual lecturer in Peace Studies and History at the University of New England. Her research interests are diverse but revolve primarily around social and environmental justice issues and peace cultivation methods. In addition to her academic career, Vanessa has worked in community advocacy, research assistance, project management, writing, and community volunteer roles. She is also currently undertaking a Master of Teaching (Primary).

Associate Professor Penelope (Pep) Serow is the Project Leader of the Nauru Teacher Education Project at the University of New England. Pep teaches Mathematics Education to pre-service and in-service teachers within primary, secondary, and post-graduate programs.

Penelope (Pep) Serow

Emily Small

Emily is a qualified early childhood teacher (UNE) with more than 15 years of experience, specialising in inclusion programs for children of military families. She is passionate about encouraging all early childhood services to respectfully acknowledge and develop an understanding of the challenges military families and children face, with a focus on embedding age-appropriate, sustainable programs. Coming from a military family herself, Emily has genuine insight into the issues these children face. She currently runs a consulting company Small Hands Early Learning. Prior to this, she worked as a director, an international consultant and, most recently, an inclusion professional for the NSW/ACT Inclusion Agency in a role where she supported many military families.​ Emily has also independently founded education projects, both in Australia and internationally.

Alison Tammen

Alison is an early childhood educator (B Education EC from UNE) with 28 years of experience in various roles in early childhood. She is part of a defence family and faced many challenges during relocations with young children and enjoyed the rewards of being part of a supportive community. She has a keen interest both professionally and personally to be part of this project as a volunteer.

Tegan Kanard

Tegan is the 4G Family Support Team Leader for NSW Legacy Club Services. Tegan works to support the families of veterans who have passed away or who suffer from ongoing debilitating mental health issues. Tegan’s background is counselling and child protection and she has a keen interest in supporting families and keeping them safe.

Nikki Jamieson

Nikki Jamieson is a suicidologist and social worker, who has dedicated her life to suicide prevention since losing her son Daniel to suicide in 2014 whilst he was serving in the Australian Defence Force. Since then, Nikki’s primary focus has been suicide prevention with a particular focus on the Australian Defence Force. Nikki has a Masters in Suicidology and  PhD research from UNE), exploring the concept of moral injury with former defence force members at the University of New England. Nikki has delivered presentations and workshops nationally, has published on moral injury and has developed a conceptual analysis of moral injury (in press). Nikki also works strategically on early intervention and suicide prevention in Queensland and is actively involved in suicide prevention networks with memberships across multiple national and international organisations including the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, Suicide Prevention Australia and Beyondblue. She is also President of the Redlands Coast Suicide Prevention Network.

Grant Harris

Grant is a representative of the Armidale Legacy Club of Australia. He has supported veteran families for many years and was the Branch Manager in Armidale, NSW for a number of years.

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