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Educator research-based news articles

Protecting young children’s wellbeing and education This article in The Conversation talks about some of the impacts on children and parents from military families and the supports available.

Resilient Families This magazine-style article is based on 3 families’ stories. It will improve your understanding of the experiences of military family life.

Thirty years of listening to children: Are we there yet? This article is available in Early Childhood Australia’s Every Child Magazine for educators. Volume 26, No. 3, pages 14-16 and features research about children from defence families.

Birthdays, holidays, Christmas without mum or dad: how to support kids with a parent away Although this looks like it is for firefighting families only, this article is based on research with defence families. It offers practical tips on how to support the children.

How to support children whose parent works away for long periods

An invitation to contribute ideas to innovative online early childhood programs for supporting defence families (pp. 6-8)

Effective partnerships with families who have a parent who works away. Linking research to the practice of education

Empowering children through the creative arts: Is it possible to access the voice of 2-5-year-olds?

Academic articles 

Contextualised, not Neoliberalised Professionalism in Early Childhood Education and Care: Effects of Prescribed Notions of Quality on Educator Confidence in Australia. Exploring the way educators support defence families by using their (often unrecognised) strengths.

Using the media arts to digitally support young children’s family and cultural narratives

Listening to children’s voices through art: Communicating experiences and understandings in Mosaic research.

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