Educational resources

Have a look at our library of resources to support children, parents, carers, educators, family workers, academics and policymakers.

Additionally, thanks to the work of Massiel Barros-Torning, children, parents and educators have the opportunity to learn the Auslan Keyword signs for some of our books. Massiel breaks the lessons down to simplify the learning, including lessons about fingerspelling and key signs to practice. Auslan Keyword signing assists not only the deaf community, but it can assist children and adults to learn non-verbal communication skills. Keyword signing can assist those people who struggle with verbal communication, such as those with autism.

As part of our project we are:

  • building 2 programs with resources for educators and parents in 2020-2021
  • piloting them at early childhood services and with parents in 2021-2022 using control trials
  • using parent and educator evaluations to improve them
  • releasing them online for free download by February 2023

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Free research-based resources for download for:

Planned eBook, interactive digital resources and activity books that are currently being created can be seen here:

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