Specialist consultants

Our consultants add specialist expertise to our project and will be involved in publications arising from their work with the research team.


Massiel Barros-Torning

Massiel has been learning AUSLAN since the 1990s when you had to travel far away to learn from an experienced teacher. Now you can find the deaf community online, and information is much more accessible. Spanish is her first language and English is her second language. She a specialist in communication, with a background in ICT having worked with children and adults. Massiel is busy finishing her thesis for her Masters of Education in ICT through UNE. Please visit her Auslan Keyword Signing pages as part of this project.

Control trials

Associate Professor Einar Thorsteinsson

Einar Thorsteinsson

Einar is an academic in the School of Psychology at UNE where he teaches health psychology and research methods and statistics. His research focuses on psychological wellbeing, adolescent coping, mental health, sleep, stress, social support, and internet use. International collaborations include the Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) research network that covers more than 45 nations in Europe as well as Canada and Israel. His publications can be found here: http://scholar.google.com.au/citations?user=_uGZO0IAAAAJ

Libby Brownlie

Libby is a speech pathologist and the National Coordinator of Key Word Sign Australia. Libby is assisting us with resources and specialist advice about our Key Word Sign versions of 6 of our books that Massiel is creating to assist children with a hearing impairment or language delay or another disability that affects communication. Libby is also providing some short explanation videos for our programs. Key Word Sign Australia has a number of free resources, and an opportunity to become a General member and receive more resources, a Facebook page, and opportunities for training.

Ben van Hoffen


Ben is a digital designer. In this project, he is the lead designer for some of the teaching materials for parents, educators and family workers.

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