New eBook – T is for Training

T is for Training: Rosie raps it up

‘T is for Training’ is similar to ‘D is for Deployment’, but the story is told through the eyes of Rosie, who has a mother in the Air Force. In this book, however, we explore the concepts of parents going away for shorter bursts of time for training or work-ups. Developing a shared language can improve children’s understanding of transitions in the household. The book explores some of the emotional and social responses children have to a parent working away. It also looks at ways to build resilience as they adapt to change.

Rosie also learns about the many different jobs people learn to do when they are away on training. The readers are guided by these 4 lovable characters who teach emotional skills and resilience.





The book will be available as a:

  • static eBook (downloadable and printable) with read-along audio and video recording
  • interactive eBook (like in the preview linked below) that has the book and interactive educational activities
  • Key Word sign version


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