Storybooks for children from military families

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About this series of books

These 5 free, downloadable, award-winning research based children’s storybooks explore family life for defence (military) families. It explores parents working away, then returning due to deployment, absence from home, training and work-ups.

The books explore ways to support children to understand what their parent does when they work away, and how they feel about their parent’s absence. The books also explore ways to cope and build resilience.

About ‘Waiting for Daddy: Rose’s Story’

The original eBook on the Defence Member and Family Support website has had a complete makeover. (Scroll down to see the new version).

This book explores what life is like for Rose as her father goes away on deployment. Rosie and her brother interact with their father in different ways while he is away, and they find ways to support each other and their mother.

Raph Roberts and Trish Donald are the illustrators of this book. The lovable characters interact and empathise with Rose and her family members.

The book explores children’s emotional and physical responses to their parent’s absence.

Some of these resources can be found below. To access all of these resources, please visit the Children’s Resource Modules.

You can download these free resources:

  1. eBook: Waiting for Daddy. Roses Story
  2. Accompanying Educational Activities (including puzzles, puppets, matching games, card games, board games, sight words, sequencing and storytelling activities)
  3. Audio read-along version
  4. Key Word Sign read-along version (using key Auslan signs)
  5. Template to create a personalised version of the book when Mum (1) or Dad are away. Waiting for Daddy_ Roses Story Personalised version 1 and Waiting for Daddy_ Roses Story Personalised version 2  (Instructions can be found in our Children’s modules).
  6. Commercially printed book All eBooks, interactive eBooks, downloadable (printable) versions of the book and teaching materials are free due to our wonderful funders. You can also order (and pay for) commercial, professionally printed books. Click here to order.
  7. Interactive app: (requires constant internet) for children to get the most out of the interactive app, they need to be very familiar with the story. After that, they can engage with just a few pages of the app at a time.

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