eBook and Song: ‘We Remember’


This eBook is a little different from our others. It is suitable for preschool children right up to 12-year-olds. Marg has used a scaffolded approach where the book can be read by only reading the red font text (creating a short, simple version of the story for younger children), or the whole text can be read for older children.

The characters help to tell the story in the static eBook and also in the interactive version of the book. Some are characters dressed in clothes from the era, along with toys from the same era (e.g. WWI, WWII and Vietnam).

The book explores ways we remember and commemorate service during war and peacetime.

It also explores some of the difficult issues about remembering, and what we choose to remember and forget.

Other topics that lead to further discussion and research include conscription, POWs in Australia, immigration and care for veterans. There are also many historical photographs that feature people remembering and commemorating from different time periods. The interactive eBook also includes practical ways families can care for those in our community who need extra support.

The book will have a video and audio read-along option and a downloadable, printable version.


Our local musician, Massiel Barros-Torning has written a song especially for our project called ‘We Remember’. It accompanies one of our eBooks that are being created for our programs for parents and educators who support children from defence families.

Watch and listen to Massiel’s song here: We Remember and enjoy the beautiful fabric artwork of our Armidale children’s storyteller, Helen Evans.

Alternatively, you can hear the studio recording here:

Album cover design by Stephen Dobson

The words and guitar and piano keyboard chords can be found here: Chords-and-Lyrics-We-Remember-by-Massiel

We are also releasing an eBook called ‘We Remember’ that explores some of the themes of Remembrance Day and Anzac Day.

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