‘We Remember: Australia’s Story’ eBook

Although we are still in our evaluation stage of the project (see the timeline here), we are releasing our ‘We Remember: Australia’s Story’ eBook and some accompanying activities for Anzac Day in 2022. This table shows all of the resources we have created for this book. You can scroll down to find most resources listed here, but some are only available to those test driving our resources (register here to do this).

This eBook is a little different from our others that are aimed at 2-8-year-old children. This book, however, is suitable for preschool children12-year-olds. Marg has used a scaffolded approach so the book can be read by:

a) just reading the red font text (creating a short, simple version of the story for younger children), or

b) the whole text can be read for older children.

The characters help to tell the story in the static eBook and also in the interactive version of the book. Some are characters dressed in clothes from the era, along with toys from the same era (e.g. WWI, WWII and Vietnam).

The book explores ways we remember and commemorate service during war and peacetime, so it makes a great resource for Anzac Day and Remembrance Day.

It also explores some of the difficult issues about remembering, and what we choose to remember and forget.

Other topics that lead to further discussion and research include conscription, POWs in Australia, immigration and care for veterans. There are also many historical photographs that feature people remembering and commemorating at different times in our past.

The interactive eBook has activities to deepen children’s learning. It also includes practical ways families can care for those in our community who need extra support (only available for those who are test driving our resources).

Free, downloadable, printable resources (early release):

  1. Downloadable, printable eBook (PDF) suitable for free printing: We Remember. Australia’s Story (you can print from this yourself, however, a higher quality file is used by the commercial printer linked below in number 9).
  2. Video read-along version for preschoolers (simplified version of the book – it uses an older version of the book which looks different, but the text is the same). The full video read-along version for older children is only available to those test driving our resources.
  3. Audio read-along for preschoolers (a simplified version of the book [text in red font])


  4. Audio read-along version for preschoolers with page turns (a simplified version of the book [text in red font])
  5. Audio read-along version for older children (full version of the book)
  6. Key Word Sign video read-along version using Auslan Signs
  7. Printable educational activities related to the books, including hand puppets, paddle pop stick puppets, memory games, matching games, puzzles, sight words, number activities, sequencing and storytelling activities, and two board games. Educational Activities (We Remember). These are best printed/photocopied or pasted onto recycled cardboard to use.
  8. ‘We Remember’ song was specially written for this project by the talented Massiel Baros-Torning. This has audio and video recordings and a downloadable copy of the lyrics with chords. Visit our song page to download these resources.                           
  9. Commercially printed book and educational activities All eBooks, interactive eBooks, downloadable (printable) versions of the book and teaching materials are free due to our wonderful funders. You can also order (and pay for) a commercial, professionally printed:

    • A4 tough book (wire coil bound – slightly smaller than an A4),
    • A5 tough book (wire coil bound – half the size of an A4),
    • A3 Big Book paperback for teaching groups of children (wire coil bound – twice the size of A4), and
    • hard card stock Educational Activities pack (looseleaf).

    You are not paying for author royalties, illustrators, graphic designers or technicians. You are paying for a commercial printery (Fuji Xerox Australia) to do on-demand printing, a commercial bookstore (UNE Life Campus Books) to process and pack the online order, Australia Post, a $2 donation to Legacy Australia, and $1-3 for the ECDP project to host their website and continue to provide revisions and updates to the materials, and new resources. The postage and handling is a $14 flat fee for as many books and teaching materials as you like via regular post (so, think about ordering with friends, your organisation, your early childhood service or school). Express Post and International Postage are calculated by weight. Once you click on the link, scroll down to the advanced search, and then you can search by typing ‘Defence’ into the ‘Title’ bar or the name of the particular book you are after.

Please contact us with any constructive feedback about these resources because we are still evaluating them.

Other activities for children for Anzac Day and Remembrance Day

Visit our other Activities for children page with some activities we recommend, including a very useful video explaining remembrance days for young children.

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