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      Personalised Program 

      Module 1: Building strengths & resilience; staying connected (resources for parents to help to support children's strengths and build resilience) 

      Module 2: Fostering children's language & narratives about family life (resources to help children understand the language of military family life)  

      Module 3: Building children’s understanding; household transitions; relocations (resources for supporting children's preparation for relocations and parental deployment, reunion and reintegration) 

      Module  4: Emotional, physical & cognitive responses to parents working away (resources to help parents support children's emotions when a parent is away)

      Module 5: Social responses to parents working away; household transitions (resources for helping children cope with relocation, transition and reunion) 

      Module 6: Parent/carer physical and mental health, community links (resources to support family health and wellbeing during times of change)

      Module 7: Parenting from different states/continents, sharing (resources to help support parenting when a partner parent is away) 

      Module 8: Service-related injuries & medical conditions (resources to help families cope with parental injury and medical change)

      Module 9: Service-related mental health conditions; moral injury (resources to help families cope with parental mental health changes and injuries)

      Module 10: Relationship breakdown (resources to help families cope when parental relationships change)   

      Module 11: Addictions (alcohol, drugs, gambling) (resources for parents and families experiencing impacts of parental addiction)

      Module 12: Abuse (domestic violence, child abuse, neglect) (resources for parents and families affected by violence and neglect) 

      Module 13: When a parent dies (resources for parents to help their child/ren cope when a parent dies)

      Module 14: Child & family trauma

      Module 15: And so, things have been a bit different: Ben's story (a downloadable read-along book with resources)

      Module 16: In Sickness and in Health: Sam's Story (a downloadable read-along book with resources) 

      Module 17: Oh, by the way, my Mum has PTS: Nathan's story (a downloadable read-along book with resources)

      Module 18: Liam's story: So why do I wear Dad's medals? (a video read-along story to help children understand the importance of a parent's medals on ANZAC Day)

      Module 19: Transitioning: from service life; changing careers 

      Module 20: Moral injury (under construction)

    • Module 1: Strength and resilience (ideas for working with childen's strengths and building their resilience)

      Module 2: Hearing and valuing children's opinions (ideas and resources to support children's voices to be heard and their opinions valued)

      Module 3: Finding the middle ground (ideas to support positive conversations with children about parental absence from home)  

      Module 4: Partnerships with families (ideas and resources to support effective partnerships with military families)

      Module 5: Parental absence and children's understandings (ideas to strengthen children's understandings and resilience when parents work away)

      Module 6: Creating the family narrative (resources and ideas to help children develop and understand their family story)

      Module 7: Change affects all family members (ideas and resources to help engage family protective factors during family life transitions)

      Module 8: Children's responses to family changes (ideas and resources to help children come to terms with change before and while a parent works away)

      Module 9: Changes in children's social behaviours (ideas and resoursces to help children manage their social responses when a parent works away)

      Module 10: Help is at hand (links and resources to help families connect with support services in their community)

      Module 11: Ben's Story - Dad has a service-related injury (a downloadable read-along book with resources)

      Module 12: Sam's Story - Mum has a service-related injury (a downloadable read-along book with resources)

      Module 13: Nathan's Story - Mum has a service-related mental health condition (a downloadable read-along book with resources)