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    • Personalised Program

      Module A: Activity Books (project ideas to help children stay connected to

                  a parent who is working away)

      Module B: Project Books (tools to boost children's skills, understanding, language, competence and confidence)

      Module C: Learning Support Activities (a guide to using eBook resources)

      Module D: Introduction to the eBooks Learning to sign keywords (a guide to AUSLAN signing with children)

      Module E: Key Word Signing Resources Different ways to use resources

      Module F: Activities overview Mary's story (resources to support understanding of the impact of parental absence on children)

      Module G: Mary's Alphabet Slippery Dip Rose's story (a resource exploring children's physical and emotional responses and resilience-building strategies during parental deployment)

      Module H: Waiting for Daddy: Rose's story Nick's story (a resource exploring a child's feelings and resilience-building strategies when a parent suddenly dies)

      Module I: My Colourful Kite: Nick's Story T is for Training: Rosie raps it up (an interactive resource that helps children explore their feelings about events in their world and helps them recognise those feelings as valid and understandable)

      Module J: T is for Training: Rosie raps it up T is for Training: Ann raps it up (an interactive resource that helps children in the early years make sense of what is happening in their world and links to events around deployment and the emotions young children experience)

      Module K: D is for Deployment: Ann raps it up Now that I am big: Anthony's story (this interactive resource includes a simple repetition of "When I was little...now that I'm big" to help children explore their ongoing development of self-regulation and emotional resilience over time)

      Module L: Now that I am big: Anthony's story Where is work? Harry's story (this resource helps children explore opportunities for sharing stories, contributing to family life, and making connections with family members when a parent is working away)

      Module M: Where is work? Harry's Story What do you do when you miss your parents? Rachael's story (this resource offers young children insight into ways they can connect with parents who work away by exploring the connection experiences of others, knowing they are not alone)

      Module N: What do you do when you miss your parents? Rachael’s story’ We remember: Australia's story (this age-appropriate resource extends children's knowledge of Australian involvement in wars, including experiences of Indigenous Australians, and explores mental health and veteran wellbeing)

      Module O: We Remember: Australia's Story

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