• P: Canadian Resources (Under construction)

    • This site is under construction.

      With our Canadian partners, we are adapting our twelve children's storybooks to be culturally appropriate for Canadian military, Veteran and PSP (first responder) families.

      This exciting project is thanks to the generous in-kind and cash funding from:

      It should also be noted that the original storybooks and resources received funding from various philanthropic and educational sources.

      French language versions are being created and will be added to this site as they become available.

    • General Storybooks

      This section contains books suitable for all children, even those who are not from service (PSP or military) families. They are suitable for both individual and general group or class reading.

    • Focused Storybooks

      This section contains books with sensitive content specifically for children who have experienced a parent with service-related injuries. Therefore, they are unsuitable for other children, general group or class reading.