Exploring the available supports

What help is available for those transitioning from defence?

Other supports

Many groups provide services and support to veterans and their families; navigating these can be confusing. To find the right ones, parents should talk to friends, ask their advocate, or use one of the larger search engines to find one online).

Some organisations provide lists that might assist parents to find organisations to support them as they transition to civilian life.

DVA https://www.dva.gov.au/civilian-life/find-ex-service-organisation

Engage https://engage.forcenet.gov.au/

QLD RSL ESO directory https://rslqld.org/find-help/eso-directory

Social media support groups

Veteran organisations have their own social media support groups in most states and territories. Besides supporting parents once they have transitioned, they might also be a valuable source of information for navigating services.

Be aware that parents might be 'ejected' from their defence partner's social media group or defence support group very quickly when they or their partner leaves defence. Being cut off from a group has been quite a shock for others in the past. Joining a veteran group might make this transition more manageable if they find social media groups helpful.

Last modified: Thursday, 17 November 2022, 1:20 PM