Recognising and understanding moral injury

Moral injury is an area that has not been researched as much as other service-related issues to date. Moral injury has many forms and may present as PTSD, although it is not. Jamieson et. al. (2020) explains that:

'Moral injury is the current term describing the breaching or violation of one’s moral code... Moral injury’s core features are spiritual/existential conflict, shame, guilt and self‐condemnation' (para. 1).

This video explains the causes of moral injury and explores treatment.

Ethics, Right, Wrong, Ethical, Moral

Moral injury is where someone's fundamental belief system has been challenged. This can occur in service-related duty or within the organisation itself. It might include challenges to their beliefs relating to:

  • acceptable behaviour
  • acceptable beliefs
  • the need to protect certain members of a society
  • the need to protect your mates
  • that the organisation (e.g. the Navy, or the Department of Veteran Affairs) will look after you when things go wrong.

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