Things to be aware of in supporting someone with moral injury

Things to be aware of in supporting someone with moral injury. Those with moral injury are often sensitive to emotions of shame, abandonment, guilt, grief, outrage and embitterment, not just fear and anxiety. People with a moral injury can get stuck in the story, leading to self-judgement, self punishment and self-condemning or harmful behaviours.

Pay attention to:
• heightened sensitivity to injustice and betrayal, especially during injury management processes.
• the importance of trust, which can be easily broken
• the need for consistency, reliability, transparency and respect.

Support and recovery

The healing process is very personal and unique for each individual. Recovery often involves a combination of self-reflection, support from others, and professional help when needed. Specific treatment programs are being developed and tested for clinical efficacy for individuals suffering from moral injury. Finding experienced clinicians who have a broader understanding of traumatic injuries, especially in the line of duty, can help individuals on the right path to recovery.

Last modified: Monday, 12 February 2024, 11:29 AM