Make time for music - drums (used for the page turns in the recording)

Here is a djembe drum. It is a hand drum originally from Africa.

Drums belong to the percussion family of instruments. ‘Percuss’ means to hit or strike.



Watch this video to see some basic sounds and how they are made on a hand drum (djembe).

This video shows you some simple ways to find drums at home so you can play along with your child.

This video shows you a simple rhyme to build drumming skills in your child using turn-taking.

This video demonstrates a simple Swedish Christmas song used as a drumming pattern.

The last ‘bom’ is a rest in music or a silent beat. This is shown by opening your hands. This is fun in a group and the person who forgets the rest is ‘out’.

This video shows the same song using body percussion and singing.

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