Super science ideas with Dr Nadya Rizk (2-12 years)

Dr Nadya Rizk studied science and education. She is passionate about primary science education.

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In this set of audio files, Dr Nadya Rizk provides us with ideas on how to support children's learning, questioning, hypothesising and abstract thinking.

We asked Nadya a set of questions which she answers in the recordings below.

What skills can children build when they learn about natural science e.g. about native flora and fauna?

How can adults (parents, educators/family workers) build their learning about natural science in a practical way? (e.g. bush walks, trips to the park, books, museums, internet searches)

How can adults (parents, educators/family workers) explain challenging concepts like an ecosystem, soil health, endangered species, and impacts of climate change, to young children?

How can adults (parents, educators/family workers) do to encourage children to increase their engagement with nature?

How can adults (parents, educators/family workers) encourage children to create healthy ecosystems for Australian flora and fauna in their own homes? 

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