Children’s reasearch-based apps

We have developed 8 interactive research-based apps for children. They are based on the research-based storybooks.

For children to get the most from the interactives, they should be very familiar with the story first and have been read the story with the adult several times.

Then, they can try a few pages of the app at a time. The apps are very long, so just working through a few pages at a time works best.

Explore our 12 free storybook titles here. These books do not require constant internet access once you download the PDF. There are accompanying educational activities (puzzles, puppets, board games, card games, sequencing and matching games) for each book that you can download from these linked pages. There are also read-along versions.

Explore our app interface, please click on this link. Please note that it needs constant internet access. THE INTERACTIVES DO NOT WORK ON PHONES. They are suitable for iPads, tablets, PCs or Macs.