We have received some funding to help us create, pilot and evaluate 2 free open access research-based programs from February 2020-February 2023 for:

  1. parents to support their 2-5 year old children within a defence (military) family, and
  2. educators to support 2-5 year old children from defence families and assist their peers to develop understanding and empathy.

Why do we need programs?

Children from military families generally experience frequent and long separation from one of their parents due to training and deployment. They also move to different houses, towns and cities often. This can cause family stress and this in turn impacts children’s development, especially during the vital early years.

Changes in family members

The parent program will also assist parents to help children understand some of the changes that occur in families when a parent returns home with a physical injury or mental health condition.

The research behind the project and further research

More about the programs

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